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Updates at Sandals South Coast during COVID-19

What if I told you that the time for you to enjoy this idyllic paradise is near?

Luckily, Sandals South Coast is opening on Oct. 1, 2020, after a long period of hard work, where the team has taken advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to improve the guest experience at the resort.

Their main priorities are that you enjoy a relaxing visit in a safe and sanitized environment. You will feel totally comfortable knowing that they are taking care of every detail to achieve this goal for your comfort and safety.

This article gives you the most important insights about the resort, its innovations and new protocols. All this information was taken from a Travel Talk Thursday with Travel Time interview, which are posted on our Facebook page, Instagram account, and our Youtube account. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to watch the interview!

What makes Sandals South Coast so unique?

There are many things that make Sandals South Coast special. To start with, the total area of this couples-only resort is about six hundred and fifty acres, so there is plenty of space to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your special someone in a secluded private setting.

What’s more, all of the rooms are located beachfront, and as a result, every single one has a gorgeous view of the ocean. This is a place to relax and also enjoy some nightlife that’s provided by the martini bar, the piano bar and the chocolate buffet, only to mention some of the entertainment venues.

As the beach has a beautiful U-shape, you can enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset. Its beach is about three kilometers from one end to the other so when you walk on it, you literally feel like you’re the only one on the shore. There is never a time where you feel like you’re in a crowd of people.

The company’s pride and joy are, without a doubt, the over-the-water bungalows, where butlers take care of everything. They are right in the marine park, three hundred and fifty feet out in the middle of the ocean. They have a beautiful heart shape and the level of privacy lends itself to an enchanting and romantic atmosphere.

Sandals Over The Water Bungalows Sandals South Coast
Sandals Over-the-Water Bungalows at Sandals South Coast

There is something magical about the nature that surrounds the place. Everything is on it; this is a place where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables all the time. There is nothing quite like eating fresh mango or fresh papaya in the morning knowing they have come from the tree either that morning or the day before.

This is a quick overview of the resort, but of course there are many more characteristics to enjoy- the whole list would be much longer!

What is the new stuff you will find on your next visit?

The resort is making some changes and completing some renovations to surprise their guests once they open it. Remember that the opening date will be Oct. 1, 2020; though some of the transformations won’t be ready until mid-December.

They’ve already refurbished the Italian village and right now they’re in the process of upgrading and enhancing the Dutch village. This includes the balcony extension to put tranquility soaking tubs on them.

They’re setting up twenty new rondovals. For those who might not know what rondovals are, they are basically self-contained bungalows, about the same size as their overwater bungalows, but placed on land.

There is also a lazy river that runs across the rondovals area, so the idea is to make it more beautiful and cultivate more privacy. You can also swim in the stream, but it’s separated in its own area.

Regarding entertainment, they are working on enhancing the experience for their guests on this level as well, to really bring new life to the downtime, especially in the evenings, when guests explore the resort and take in various shows or performances. They’ve got some gorgeous open spaces to create more romantic areas. Even though they will use those open spaces they still will maintain that calm serenity, the peace, the quiet and the romance which are a must-have at Sandals.

They have also incorporated newly discovered talents from their team members. They’re increasing the size of their entertainment team, increasing the dimensions of what they can do, both on stage as well as throughout the open spaces.

How will they manage the new situation?

Before the opening day on October 1st, they are doing a tidy up, making sure that everything’s looking beautiful and obviously preparing as well for the Covid-19 protocols. They’ve spent a lot of time on that program.

Their procedure starts right at the airport, then all the way through your stay and they’ll take care of you to get you back to the airport as well. So they’re providing guests with a safe, clean, sanitized environment which is refreshed continuously.

The general recommendation is that everyone carries their masks with them. In fact, the team will always be masked as part of their protocols. But then again, if you’re in an environment or you’re in a space where you think that you need to wear them, please put them on.

In respect of physical distance, they checked out every single area to make sure that everything was spaced with the recommended six foot distance. Fortunately, they didn’t have to remove anything purely because the spaces were already there. As water sports are huge at the property, they are following new protocols to make them still happen. A boat that used to carry 40 can now only carry 18 or 16, so in this way they are making sure that there’s space on the boat.

They are going to be running more dives to make sure that everybody who wants to can enjoy scuba diving. Obviously, the sanitization of the space is constant. Since there’s no evidence of a risk of transmission in pools or seawater, scuba diving is a very safe activity to enjoy on your trip.

Why is Sandals South Coast the perfect vacation spot?

One of the reasons we love Sandals Resorts is because they guarantee enjoying a tropical paradise in the safest way. All the comfort, luxury, beauty, romanticism, sensuality, entertainment and safety are in only one place, a place that offers you what you deserve.

Surrounded by scenery that makes you fall in love and putting the emphasis on the high quality service, Sandals South Coast is a must visit for every couple. This will be an experience that will last forever in your heart and in your memories, and will make you want to come back as much as possible.

Contact our agency to start exploring your vacation options to Sandals South Coast today!

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