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8 Tips to get the most out of your next vacation

Everyone wants a vacation to remember, one that you can rave about and recommend to your friends and family. Choosing a trip to your perfect destination with a variety of activities can make your holiday unforgettable.

Check out these following tips and advice to make sure you have the best vacation yet:

1. Plan well ahead

At least half the fun of a vacation is the anticipation

Many people get a lot of enjoyment out of planning ahead as this ignites more curiosity of things to research and excitement about their upcoming trip, unlike a last-minute vacation which doesn’t give that opportunity.

We at Travel Time – TPI suggest planning well in advance for better availability and to spend the time researching to get the best choice for the best price. Allocating some time to look forward to your trip gives you the chance to savour the moment for a longer period of time. 

The excitement builds up the further in advance a trip is booked. In the time leading up to their trip, you can also research what activities or excursions are available. By preparing that in advance, you’ll know what to expect on arrival to your destination, ensuring you make the most of your time on holidays.

Your vacation will be more meaningful if planned well in advance.

Plan Your Trip Well In Advance
Plan Your Trip Well In Advance

2. Spend time with your loved ones

It’s very easy to take this for granted, yet it is perhaps the most important tip on this list. What makes a trip so memorable is spending that quality time with your family or friends and enjoying new experiences together.

Over the years, the travel agents with Travel Time – TPI have heard from numerous clients that they want more than ever to relax on their vacation with their spouse, kids or extended family and enjoy their time away from work and from their daily routines, to focus on each other

Focus on that relationship, whether it’s with your spouse, kids or extended family. Everybody is away from their normal daily routines and focusing on each other. You may find yourself surprised that this can be the most rewarding part of the travel experience. 

3. Connect with old friends

It’s a small world, so it’s no surprise that a new friend or an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time lives in a place you’re planning to travel to.

If you get in touch with an old friend, chances are you will come home saying this made your trip even more memorable. The history you have with them will be refreshing for both of you. Even taking just one day out of your trip agenda to meet up can make the whole experience away more worthwhile.

So, taking that opportunity to actually make a connection with somebody that you probably haven’t seen or talked to in many years but you happen to be in their vicinity, can create a memorable travel experience.

Get In Touch With Old Friends
Get In Touch With Old Friends

4. Go the distance

While you can also enjoy holiday time without going out of town, being in a new place can affect your mindset significantly. You automatically relax knowing you are away from the hustle and bustle of your normal routine and you can find yourself instantly in holiday mode.

Taking some vacation time and choosing to stay at home instead of travelling abroad is also a popular option for many who prefer the comfort of their own home. Yet, so many people end up running errands or chores rather than resting and enjoying their time off work. 

The best tip to help you enjoy your break 100% and totally unplug is to get away from your home and your normal routine. Travel out of your local area and you will instantly feel happier with the change of scenery. 

5. Minimize your Internet time

The need to document every part of our vacation is becoming the norm but your upcoming vacation could mean enjoying every moment by just reducing your screen time

It could just mean leaving your laptop behind and enjoying the time away from Zoom and virtual meetings. We all want to show photos to our friends and family, but one important piece of advice, simply mute your email notifications for the week and find yourself completely relaxed and free to enjoy every minute of your trip.

If you’re not working, there is no need to check emails every hour of every day. You’ll find yourself finishing your vacation even more tired and stressed than before.

Now, there’s no harm in wanting to share vacation photos through your smartphone and updating Facebook or Instagram while away, but balance is key, as with every other area of life!

Be in the moment, take in your surroundings and explore the area. 

6. Read something different

Choose some reading material that is just for pure enjoyment, and take it with you!

We hear from a lot of clients about how they don’t get time in their daily lives to sit, relax, and read, with work and family always a priority. During their vacations, they mention their reading list and their favourite books that they can’t wait to read but just can’t seem to find the time.

This vacation is your chance to read something that isn’t work-related, it should be something you find enjoyable and that will make your trip that extra bit relaxing. Reading your favourite novel or book on the beach, by the pool or even at a cafe, is a perfect way to relax on your next vacation. 

7. Enjoy nature

This may not always be possible for every trip, but it’s perhaps the best place to go to refresh your mind. Being one with nature on your next vacation could make it the most tranquil trip of your life. Scientists and psychologists have published numerous reports about how nature has a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Besides, experiencing and enjoying nature on your vacation usually means seeing something you won’t see in your hometown. How picturesque and relaxing it would be to eat breakfast on your balcony and listen to the exotic birds chirping in the trees.

Be One With Nature
Be One With Nature

At Travel Time – TPI we can tell you that there are multiple all-inclusive resorts that we’ve been working with for a long time which are built on an eco-reserve, and studies have shown that by taking in that fresh air away from the concrete jungle or urban area, your mind is automatically refreshed. 

We really cater to every client’s needs, so for your vacation, your destination can be chosen according to your preferences. If incorporating nature into your vacation is high on your priority list, that’s something to tell your travel advisor. 

8. Go to unusual places

Visit a place you would never think to travel to, somewhere that would be different from your usual destination for a vacation. You’ll have memories for life if you book somewhere unique for your next vacation.

Even by communicating with the locals in the area, you could meet someone new or learn something you didn’t know before.

Some people like to go to a place that they’re comfortable with and where they’re guaranteed a perfect vacation, but visiting a different destination, or a different country, will create such wonderful memories that you’ll be glad you made the decision to travel to a place you wouldn’t normally go to.

Travel Time – TPI can determine the best destination for you and even the best area of that country or resorts that cater to the kinds of things that you have an interest in for your trip.

Follow these useful tips, and you’ll be fully immersed in your next vacation like you never have before.

Are you thinking of your next trip?

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