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Sandals Group Getaways: With Sandra Brousseau and Omar Josephs

Travel Time is a full-service travel agency with locations in the US and Canada. We offer our valued clients travel opportunities to create vacation memories. In our latest Travel Talk interview, we talked to Omar Josephs and Sandra Brousseau of Sandals Resorts to get some of the latest details about the resorts and their group packages.

With vaccinations rolling out all over the world, resorts are preparing, and in some cases, already booking for this year. In fact, they’re booking up quicker than before the pandemic because of the lockdown-imposed boredom and lust for luxury.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the benefits of Sandals’ Group Resort packages. From weddings to romantic rendezvous, Sandals and Beaches Resorts have it all. Flexibility, competitive pricing, and of course, that beautiful Sandals Experience.

The Sandals and Beaches Group Experience

The Sandals brand of resorts for couples are found all over the Caribbean. Some of the most popular destinations are in the Bahamas and Jamaica. Plus, there are also three Beaches Resorts that are for everyone, not just couples, so they’re worth considering if your travel plans include children.

No matter where you go, being at a Sandals Resort is like none other. They are unbeatable when it comes to the experience they provide. Let’s look at what the Sandals experience looks like for groups.

The Value of Group Getaways

At the end of it all, the benefits are astronomical. There are special packages, promos, and discounts for traveling in a group as opposed to traveling alone. This is actually much safer too if you’re planning to go off the resort.
Some of the most popular groups that book at Sandals include:

  • Weddings and vow renewals
  • Social groups for clubs, sports teams, etc.
  • Student trips for graduation, class trips for older students.
  • Family reunions
  • Unrelated groups

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    Benefits of travelling in a group

You may be surprised to learn that number five is how over 22% of groups are booked. While they depart and come back the same day, they’re not linked by family and they’re not friends, they just happen to go to the same resort for the same duration of time, and a travel agent coordinate them to book into a group rate. This is one of the other key benefits to having a travel agent, as opposed to booking yourself.

Sandals Couples Resorts

Sandals Resorts offers a more intimate, yet equally magical experience for couples, both young and old. If you want some more alone time, a Sandals Resort is definitely the choice for you. Here are some of the most popular packages for couples and romantic rendezvous.

  • Anniversaries
  • Honeymoons
  • Vow renewals
  • Couples’ vacations

However, there are also Beaches Resorts which are built exclusively for families. They have kid-friendly programs for children of all ages while offering plenty of luxury for parents as well.

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Enjoying a paradise in family

Discount Codes For Groups

One of the biggest benefits of booking as a group is the savings you can get for everyone. Plus, when you use a travel agent like the ones at Travel Time – TPI, you’ll pack on even more savings, and some more bonuses, too.

Booking groups of family and friends is like a snowball effect. How it works is: someone books their room, and then every room after that is simply linked with the code until you get to the number of rooms that are needed for your group.

Whether you’re looking for a social group, a multi-generational group, or even a wedding group, there will be tons of savings from booking together. Let’s take a look at some of the different group discounts and what they offer.

Contract Codes

Often, weddings will be a contracted booking. In these cases, Sandals can book weddings up to two years in advance. You can block a big number of rooms or you can start with a small number of rooms at first, and build up as the guests’ RSVPs come in.

For example, you can start at five rooms or ten rooms, and then you slowly add on to that. And the more rooms you book, the bigger savings there can be!

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Magical weddings at the most wonderful spot

For weddings, Travel Time gives couples a choice if they want that free space calculated into the price for everybody. We’re not kidding when we say that 99.9% of our clients want to do that. This is because they want to keep their rates as low as possible so that they can have more guests attending their special day.

Group Codes

Regarding social group bookings, things are a lot more flexible when it comes to packages and promos. As long as it’s at the same resort and over the same dates, you can choose any category that you want, all-inclusive, or otherwise.

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Having a wonderful time with friends

So, if somebody in your group code wants the highest category at the resort, they can do that. And, if others want to go for a lower-budget package, they can do that as well without sacrificing their vacation experience. As you can see, there’s lots of flexibility in a Sandals Group package.

Promos For Group Getaways

At Travel Time – TPI, we know all about promos and how to find the best value for our clients. When you work with a travel agent, you get more knowledge on promos and discounts that you might not have found otherwise. You will always get the best value with Travel Time – TPI’s promo stacking specialists!

Anniversary Specials

Anniversary specials are for couples looking to travel for their anniversary. All you have to do is supply a copy of your marriage certificate. We upload that, and it gives you one night free.

Of course, this depends on how much your room is. It’s not at every room across the Sandals and Beaches chain, but it’s applicable to many rooms and specific categories. Travel Time – TPI is here to help you leverage these promos to find you special places that offer these upgraded packages and discounts.

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Celebrate your anniversary in a stunning place

Guest Specials

There’s another kind of discount that Sandals offers for their re-visiting guests. You can get a discount by booking at a Sandals Resort during the month of your birthday. For Sandals Members, there are even more savings and exclusive promos available!

You could be able to save over 100 dollars!

Even in an instance of a last-minute decision to go on a vacation, there are savings for you there as well!

Travel Time TPI: The Promo Stacking Specialists

Travel Time strongly believes in giving our clients the best value. If there is a way that is a benefit to our clients and makes their vacation more meaningful, more enjoyable, or more suitable for them, we WILL find it for you.

When you reach out to travel Time, the expert team members here can help you with any of your Sandals and Beaches questions. Don’t forget that you’re talking to the promo stacking specialists. We can make sure that whatever your final total is, it’s the very best that it can be, and the experience is worth it, no matter what that is.

Travel Time – TPI also has a private Facebook group where we provide hints and tips for Sandals and Beaches bookings, so head on over there for some exclusive tips for an all-inclusive experience. Or, you can head on over to the Sandals site to get some ideas for your next group vacation!

Are you thinking of your next trip?

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