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Couples Resorts Jamaica: Travel Talk With Garfield Collins

In this Travel Talk Thursday, we talked with Garfield Collins of Couples Resorts in Jamaica. 

If you’ve never been to a Couples Resort, you’re truly missing out on an intimate, all-inclusive getaway for you and your partner.  Keep reading to learn all about Couples Resorts and some of the specials they have going on for the coming travel season. The recording of this interview can be found at the bottom of the post.

4 Different Resorts, 4 Different Luxury Experiences

Couples Resorts has four resorts in Jamaica. Each resort has a different energy and tends to have a different clientele. Some are smaller than others, but each of these resorts gives you a customized luxury vacation experience and really comes through with their all-inclusive deals. 

Let’s talk about the different resorts that Couples Jamaica has to offer travellers:

Intimate Rendezvous Resorts 

Swept Away is more romantic and designed for couples who want a bit more alone time. It’s quieter, it’s more laid back, and tends to cater to a more discerning traveler who just wants to escape.  

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Stunning Sunset Beach at Sans Souci

Sans Souci has a separate all-natural beach from the main beach. It’s called Sunset Beach and that does draw a very discerning type of clientele as well and for those clients who are interested in the all-natural beach or all-natural islands,

Couples Luxury  Resorts

Couples Tower Isle has 226 rooms and suites, 19 acres of beachfront property, and it does have an all-natural island there as well. 99% of the rooms at Couples Tower Isle are all ocean-view and oceanfront. They have a Deluxe Garden and Ocean room. And, as always, Couples Resorts designs their rooms beautifully, using bright colors and pastels. 

Couples Negril is very similar to Couples Tower in terms that they are both more compact and you find more energy and a bit of a younger clientele in those resorts. The number one draw at Couples Tower Isle is their all-natural island. People want to go there and they’re completely intrigued by the romanticism of a private island. They want to see it, they want to experience it and that’s been a big draw for the resort.

Couples Villa Getaways

Couples Resort’s Villas are an upgraded private vacation experience where you are separate from the resorts. It’s absolutely beautiful because you can step out of bed, and the ocean is right there in front of you. The villa is large, especially the luxury bathroom. 

These are very popular for couples, as well as families and bridal parties. It starts with a private arrival experience, meaning that you don’t have to go to the front desk to check into your villa. You’re taken directly to your villa and checking in is done there, with your champagne and your other amenities.

Once you’re there, you also have private access to the Caribbean’s best hotel spa, you have your own private sun terrace and of course, you have unlimited private in-villa dining if you don’t want to go to any of the other restaurants that are on-site.

Weddings At Couples Resorts

Having your wedding at a Couples Resort is pure bliss. There’s no better way to celebrate your special day than with one of their wedding packages. 

All packages include your very own wedding planner. There’s an online wedding calendar for planning that your agent and the resort will talk about and will use throughout the planning process of your wedding. 

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Celebrating your special day

Wedding Packages

The sunset wedding is 1750 for an upgrade in that and each resort does one of those. There is only one sunset, so they do one wedding between four and five o’clock. 

The island wedding package is up to 4750 and this only happens at Couples Tower Isle. It’s the only one that has an offshore island. Plus, the island can be as elaborate or as simplistic as you want it to be. It just depends on what the bride and the groom want for their special day,

The one-night-off package is free with a minimum of three-night’s stay. Your agent would arrange it for you and that wedding is included in your stay. Couples will handle all the paperwork before you arrive in Jamaica or a tropical wedding package.

Other Specials For Weddings

There is an exclusive wedding and honeymoon registry where you get to keep your Couple Resorts’ champagne flutes. Plus, they want you to tell the world that you got married in Jamaica at Couples, so they provide you with celebratory t-shirts for the bride and groom.

Putting the “All” In “All-Inclusive”

Couples Resorts truly invests in their all-inclusive promotions and offerings.  They are definitely not just a standard, run-of-the-mill all-inclusive that just throws out anything. They really do give you quality for your money. 

It Starts Right When You Land

Complimentary non-stop transfers are available. Once your agent books, you don’t worry about how you’re getting to the resort from the airport. All the resorts just need you to land, go through the normal immigration procedure, exit, and go to the Couples lounge and you will be taken to your resort. 

This is what makes Couples Resorts special. They already include some of your excursions, so unlimited trips down to the falls, unlimited catamaran cruises, unlimited golf, unlimited trips to Margaritaville, and of course, the shopping trips are also included in your stay.

Five Star Dining 

Not only do they invest in high-quality foods, but they also go all out when it comes to meals. Even when you’re in a Villa, they want you to feel like you’re dining at a five-star restaurant.

That’s one more reason that Couples Resorts have such a high percentage of repeat clientele. Clients know the quality  they bring, and they return for it every year.

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Food quality at its best

There’s an App For That!

If you want to communicate with the resort, anything at all, you have a room request, restaurants, and dining, bars, and nightlife. Anything you want can be done from the app. You can be laying on the beach and send your family a postcard wherever they are in the world!

Other Special Features

The Club Mobay feature not only gives you a good place to chill on your flight out of Jamaica, but the meal is also already included in that stay as well. So, it’s not just to get you through immigration and getting you to the plane on time, it makes the process of ending your stay and heading home as hassle-free as possible.

You get a nice place to chill, have something to eat— all Jamaican food, of course. You get free wifi as well, so you can post your final pictures and videos before you leave Jamaica. It’s just a much more pleasant experience than sitting at your gate in the terminal while you’re waiting on your flight.

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If you have questions about Couples Resorts Jamaica, feel free to reach out to any team members at Travel Time – TPI. We are here and we can help you when your comfort level is there to plan your next getaway and Couples Resorts in Jamaica is a great choice.

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