Sandals Montego Bay Updates During Covid 19

Sandals Montego Bay Updates during Covid-19

“Our DNA is to take care of people and make sure they have a good time”. These words from the general manager at Sandals Montego Bay, Carl Beviere, describe perfectly how Sandals Resorts puts in all the effort to make this vacation spot one of the best in the world. In fact, Sandals Resorts has won the award of “World’s Best” for over 20 years!

Sandals Montego Bay is a phenomenal resort known as the flagship of Sandals, this was the first Sandals property and it was established in 1981. Although they closed for a brief period due to Covid-19, they reopened in June after doing a lot of hard work to take care of all their guests’ needs for comfort and safety.

In this article, you will get the most important ideas from our Travel Talk Thursday with Travel Time interview. You’ll read about their already well-known services, their renovations and, of course, about all the protocols that the new worldwide reality demands. Scroll to the bottom of the article to watch the interview!

What does Sandals Montego Bay offer to their guests?

First of all, Sandals Montego Bay is an adults-only resort located along the never-ending seashore of the most special, private white-sand beach in Jamaica, making this a marvellous vacation destination.

Its wow factor begins with the beautiful open-air lobby, with superb sea views depicting the island atmosphere. It balances beauty with a welcoming atmosphere. When you just enter that lobby, you can see all the way out to the ocean giving a real feeling of freedom and romanticism.

Sandals Montego Bay Open Air Lobby
Sandals Montego Bay Open-Air Lobby

Regarding their cuisine options, they offer a wide range of alternatives for everyone. They offer the best dishes from international gastronomy. Cuisine options include the following and more:

  • Italian
  • French
  • English
  • American
  • Regional food

There are formal and casual dining options, such as their pizzeria and a beach grill where they prepare a unique pizza with mashed potato on it, which is out of the usual, for sure, but guests who’ve tried it always highly recommend it!

Sandals is famous for having the most inclusions with no additional charge, so either in the water or on dry land, there’s entertainment for everyone at Sandals Montego Bay. You can do as much as you’d like to do – even scuba diving in spectacular, pristine blue waters and many other water sports.

You can enjoy parties everywhere almost all the time since at Sandals Montego Bay every day and night is a celebration. From exotic festivals to innovative and energetic events, you’ll find amusement all over the place.

Their enchanting rooms deserve more than a few lines but this is a summary of what you can enjoy there. There are many room categories and they’re grouped in the different themed villages. Every single room has a great view and beautiful features, such as swim-up pools, tranquility soaking tubs, balconies, and more, depending on the chosen room.

Which are the protocols like in view of Covid-19, and what can guests expect when visiting Sandals?

At all Sandals properties, the staff are aware and fully engaged in making everything as safe as possible for the guests’ stay on the resort. When they closed at the end of March, they took the necessary time to think about every detail to enhance safety while maintaining the relaxed atmosphere.

They activated their platinum protocols, which are additional practices and cleanliness standards put in place for the comfort, safety, and peace of mind of the guests. All Sandals resorts have always applied meticulous hygiene and sanitization, every hour of every day. That being said, now, facing these new circumstances, their practices have been boosted including many additional cleanliness procedures.

Typically when guests come in:

  • their temperature is taken
  • their hands are sanitized
  • they are taken to their room which has already been cleaned and disinfected

When guests leave, everything is stripped out, special foggers and sprayers are used to sterilize the entire room, including the AC.

After this procedure, everything in the room is completely fresh and later they seal that room ready for the next guests to come in, giving them a real feeling of comfort and protection.

With respect to social distancing, they’ve spaced out some of the restaurants and other venues. The entertainment has also changed but always putting an emphasis on providing the same enjoyable experience.

Since they opened on June 16, they have been getting some great reviews from guests who also want to extend their stays or book to come back later as soon as possible. This means they have had a great time and they understand Sandals Montego Bay is a safe environment.

What’s new at Sandals Montego Bay?

As soon as they closed, they redid the bayside restaurant which is the one that’s available at breakfast, lunch, and also dinner, displaying different features at each mealtime. They also added some new restaurants, one serving Jamaican cuisine and two signature restaurants, a steakhouse and a sushi restaurant.

They’ve also redone some of the rooms at Sandals Montego Bay, adding a lot of swim-up suites and heated pools. People seek this experience and they have become really popular among their guests.

Closing down gave them the opportunity to take stock of their internal entertainment talent. After a talent show they hold every year, they take dancers, singers, musicians, and artists to form part of their entertainment team and make every night special.

This approach makes Sandals a great place to work, and because the staff enjoy their jobs, they’re enthusiastic about providing a top-notch experience for their guests. It may seem like a small detail but these things really impact the guest experience, and it’s the way we at Travel Time know that we’re making a good recommendation when we send someone to Sandals Resorts.

In addition to everything mentioned so far, there is an Over-the-Water Bar, and a new Over-the-Water Chapel to create a superb experience for all the people who arrive at the resort. This chapel is extremely popular as a wedding venue, and nobody does tropical destination weddings like Sandals Resorts!

Sandals Montego Bay Over The Water Chapel
Sandals Montego Bay Over The Water Chapel

Getting married on the beach is truly sought by couples and now they have the opportunity to choose between two wedding chapels, however, being over the water is the preferred option. The wedding staff is fantastic and pays attention to every detail.

What makes this resort special is that they are really interested in their returning visitors’ feedback on what they think is great, what they think doesn’t work, or what they would like to see and try to incorporate that on their plans. Sandals is always improving, and that’s what makes them the best in the industry.

Why is Sandals Montego Bay one of the people’s favourites?

Besides being a dreamlike place surrounded by exquisite views, the staff is absolutely lovely. The Sandals Montego Bay team likes to have fun and they put real effort into ensuring you have fun and enjoy all that the property has to offer. Jamaicans have a caring culture and want people to be blown away by the experience, Sandals Montego Bay really puts this on display!

The staff is focused towards the guests’ requirements and that’s what makes this place different from everywhere else. There are many nice hotels in Jamaica but Carl Beviere highlights their Sandals Montego Bay team members’ as the main engine for the success of this resort. We couldn’t agree more!

You want to have the time of your life because that’s what you save up for, that is what you dedicate the time for in a holiday. A visit to Sandals Montego Bay is an experience that will leave you with memories for a lifetime – that is what they’re specialists in!

Contact our agency, Travel Time – TPI, to plan your vacation to Sandals Montego Bay! We’d love to help you explore options including dates, prices, and available discounts!

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