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Caribbean Club Resort with Danielle Wolfe – Travel Talk Thursday

The Caribbean never stops surprising us. Among all the beautiful destinations you can find there, the Cayman Islands stand out because of their enchanting and sophisticated resort settings. One of the resorts that should be at the top of your bucket list is the Caribbean Club.

The Caribbean Club is located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. It is a boutique residence hotel with large suites and villas that are more like luxurious houses but with the privileges of having all the best services that you’ll have in a magnificent resort.

We learned more about this wonderful destination with the great help of Danielle Wolf, who’s with Caribbean Club Resort in the Cayman Islands. She gave us all the details of your next destination at our Travel Talk Thursday with Travel Time interview. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the interview video!

The Caribbean excellence

The Caribbean Club will amaze you with more than 35 independent units that mix your home comfort with many deluxe hotel services such as housekeeping, an infinity swimming pool, a gym, and a restaurant. All accommodations have:

  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Furnished living rooms
  • Large balconies with stunning ocean views, and
  • Bathrooms that include whirlpool tubs

Having a full kitchen is very useful for people that want to have snack food or something that the kids like, and it gives the opportunity for more control over what a family eats if someone has food allergies. Regarding this last point, the hotel staff usually ask guests to let them know if they can shop for the units, so they will have everything stocked before arrival.

It’s really handy for someone who is on a special diet to have all of these kinds of specific food items, and for the staff to have them delivered from the grocery store. Everything needed is already in the unit for the guests’ enjoyment.

As you can see, at this resort they really think of all the details.

Their units are fabulous for families, and multi-generational travelers. They also offer a lot of privacy, which currently people appreciate even a bit more, to be able to enjoy their own spaces. Everybody can be together, but at the same time, if they want some privacy, these accommodations have enough space for a large group.

Their ground-floor oceanfront villas are built right on the sand of Seven Miles Beach, and you literally have five steps that you walk down to the beach, and then you can enjoy the beautiful turquoise water. These villas are very spacious and each one has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, like most of their units. At the Caribbean Club Resort, there are beach attendants who provide you with chairs, pillows, and towels, and you can also get service from the restaurant for food and beverages.

Relaxation And Beauty In Just One Place
Relaxation And Beauty In Just One Place

The splendid pool sits right in the center of the resort, which has a U shape. It has an infinity edge – when you hang out at that edge of the pool, you’ll have a view of the sea. Because of how close the pool is to the beach, many people can be on the beach and still keep an eye on the kids playing in the pool.

The resort supplies lounge chairs and umbrellas and their cabanas are free for guests. Once you have walked on Seven Mile Beach, you’ve had your feet in that sand, and you’ve had the privilege of swimming in the magnificent water, you’ll never want to go to another resort!

Another nice thing about going there is that everybody can move around very freely. Whether you’re on the beach or even if you walk out to the front of the hotel, you’ll see cafes, restaurants, and more, all at a convenient distance. The Club is next to a lot of amenities and it’s even close to The Owen Roberts International Airport, which is a welcome benefit for people who know what it’s like to visit a resort where you arrive at the airport and expect an hour-long commute in a hot taxi to get to the resort property!

Enjoying a COVID free environment

Grand Cayman is considered COVID-free because they had an early strict lockdown that just about eradicated the virus from the country. This really lasted for months and now there is no need to wear a mask and there is no social distance. That being said, traveling to Cayman is more suitable right now for somebody that is thinking of staying for a longer period of time. This is because as a traveler, you would have to quarantine for two weeks, and during that time you really aren’t allowed to move around the country.

Afterward, you can enjoy a COVID-free environment where you can go to any restaurant, eat inside or outside, and even go shopping freely. Unfortunately, for now, it’s not possible for people going for a week or two weeks, so that’s really not what the type of traveller that they’re seeing right now at the resort.

Enjoy A Covid Free Environment
Enjoy A Covid Free Environment

Despite these rules some guests go and do the two-week quarantine and plan to spend a longer period of time, maybe even working from there. The government has made provisions for people that want to go to Cayman and work remotely from there.

This great facility is set up in the very best way possible with all the amenities and lots of space. You can have your office set up there and work remotely if you have that liberty – many companies now allow working from wherever because they have realized that it really doesn’t make a difference to the productivity of their employees.

Even if you’re inside for two weeks, you could still be watching the stunning sunsets, and enjoy the pleasant climate from your balcony. It’s perfect as well for people that are retired and traditionally go to be snowbirds in other places – maybe they would just choose Cayman just because, after two weeks, you have that privilege of moving around completely free without any worry about COVID-19.

Choosing this delightful spot

After reading all these details you have surely realized that right now Grand Cayman is definitely a great choice for anybody who has the option to go and enjoy a longer visit at this time. However, if you aren’t able to do that now it would be a good idea to put it on your bucket list for a place to go in 2021 or whenever the travel restrictions are lifted.

The Caribbean Club is waiting for you whether it’s now for a long stay or for the future when you can go for a week or two and enjoy it. We at Travel Time TPI will be here and we’ll be more than ready to assist you with your travel planning.

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