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10 Holiday Perks You Only Get on a Cruise

The decision to go on holiday is often a no-brainer to anyone who has the time, opportunity and available money to do so.

If you are like me, deciding where to spend that coveted two weeks of your year can be a stressful time! The number of Canadians taking recourse to the cruise vacation is growing in double digits!

Why do people enjoy cruising so much? Here are 10 reasons why. These are huge benefits to cruising that you cannot get on any other form of vacation with such ease.

Visit a new spot everyday.

“Honey, should we go to the Caribbean, Mexico, or Cuba?” Decisions often mean sacrificing one for the other. A cruise vacation says, “go see them all!” A Cruise holiday starts at the location the ship initially sets sail from, travelling to its end destination.

A typical cruise often has many whole-day stops, or even overnights along the way. Cruise goers love this as they get to explore and experience many destinations in one trip. Here is an example cruise ship journey: Miami, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico.

See the Ocean Blue!

Cruises around the world make for a spectacular show, exploring beautiful turquoise waters in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the deep blues of fjords in Alaska.

Many Canadians have never seen the vast ocean and its beauty. Travelers looking to experience peace, tranquillity, and beauty, sit back and embrace the wide-open view of the ocean scene. It allows you to be present to where you are in your life and to let go of the many distractions that surround us in our day to day business.

Eat unlimited amazing food.

Some people probably already know know that all-you-can-eat is the standard on cruise ships.

Want to try some Sushi, some Thai, some roast, some vegetables? Why not try it all!?

Cruises have more than enough food and it is always available. For those who are picky eaters or those who like a wide variety of tastes, a Cruise ship has it available for you.

Remember to be a little adventurous. Most cruises have a little taste that’s represented of the region (as well as all the dishes you know and love). When cruising in the Caribbean, try a bit of the delicious guava juice. You won’t regret it!

I also have to add that on several cruises there’s a late night chocolate buffet. Chefs whose specialty is desserts put together an impressive spread, so you can mix and mingle with guests, get photos with your family, and enjoy some amazing desserts!

You get someone to clean up after you!

Everyone’s favourite part of their annual holiday is cleaning up after yourself, right!?


When you’re abroad, your time is precious and you want to make the most of it. Cruise ships have full-time cleaners operating around the clock. Your bed will always be made and everything will be clean and dust-free. A small perk but nice none-the-less.

You only unpack once

I have travelled on many multi-destination trips. One of the pain points is packing, unpacking, carrying your luggage and then asking yourself where did I put my…?

On a cruise, you get the multi-country experience as well as the luxury of only having to unpack one. When you do unpack, it is in the luxurious cabin that you can call home for the length of your trip.

You get to keep your things in drawers and a closet, just like at home.

Has anyone ever really wanted to live out of a suitcase?

There are countless entertainment options.

Every cruise ship is set to keep all its guests entertained no matter what they are interested in or like. Here are some examples offered onboard a typical cruise: Broadway-style shows, comedy shows, games, health and wellness activities and more.

There’s a kids club.

Taking the kids?

There’s always the kids club. Kid’s clubs are available for the younger travellers to get together, socialize and have fun. They have tailored activities to suit their age and keep them busy and happy while the not-so-kids are elsewhere relaxing and enjoying their day.

You’ll never worry about directions.

It may be a superficial perk but on a cruise, you never have to worry about planning how are we going to get to our next destination, where do the bus routes go, what are the taxi numbers, how do I get back again, etc.

The captain takes you from location to location and if you go offshore, you can either wander as you will or choose to join one of the ship’s offshore guided excursions.

Get to know new people (or don’t!)

On a cruise, you are treated like a guest no matter where you are. There will be hundreds of other guests enjoying and experiencing the journey also. If you are a party person and like to get to know new people, the cruise ship provides ample opportunities to connect. If you are more of the lone-star character, there is also plenty of space on the ship to put up your feet and read a good novel or two.

You’ll have interesting learning opportunities.

As well as the countless entertainment options, there are numerous learning activities available. Have you always wanted to try Tango? Attend a dance lesson on board. Love authentic local food, but not brave enough to try the recipe? Attend a cooking lesson and get shown how. Want to know more about the local culture you are visiting, attend the historical or culture event on board. And much more.

Are you thinking of your next trip?

Cruise vacation

Cruises provide the perfect way to see multiple cultures, cities and islands in a short amount of time. And why pay for transportation when your floating hotel does it all for you?

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