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Travel Talk with Lois Barbour and Wanda Sparkes: Aboard the Princess Cruise Ship

Many of you may be wondering what it’s been like to go on a cruise amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past year and a half, cruising was not anything most of us would think of, with the many travel restrictions and the fear of being in crowded spaces.

The good news is that this year things are better, and in most countries, people are already vaccinated. The number of people getting sick has also reduced significantly, and serious illness is also way down compared to previous time periods of the pandemic. It’s now the perfect time to cruise on a Princess Cruise Ship.

One of the team members at Travel Time – TPI is cruising to different destinations and sharing what it’s like aboard a ship post-Covid. Our clients have had so many questions regarding the various protocols implemented by cruise lines to protect the people aboard, and we’re frequently asked about the travel requirements right now. We’ll answer all of those here.

wonderful princess cruises
It’s now the perfect time to cruise on a Princess Cruise Ship

Travel Requirements

Wanda had to take an antigen test necessary to fly to the US and board the Princess Cruise Ship. People traveling, especially from Canada to the United States, are also expected to be fully vaccinated.

The regulations will change from region to region. At Travel Time – TPI, we stay on top of things to know the changes in regulations and policies for our clients. Once you book your travel with us, we’ll ensure to update you of any changes within your travel destination so that you have a smooth journey.

Measures to Protect Travelers aboard the Princess Cruise

One of our representatives, Wanda, enjoys cruising a lot. She is lucky to have been on Princess Ships before Covid as well as a time period we can consider “post-Covid”. She was able to see the changes that Princess Cruises have put in place to protect travelers.

The ship allows people to remain mask-free, but you must wear a mask in certain areas. While onboard, the rules regarding masks may change occasionally, but travelers are notified in advance.

Regarding the number of travelers, Wanda says that over the past couple of months, she’s witnessed a cruise that can hold 3,000 people carrying less than 50 percent of that. Currently, the cruises are operating at about 50 percent capacity, but the number is set to increase to 100 percent in the next few months.

princess cruises
Enjoy your time at Princess Cruises

What is Service like Inside the Princess Cruises?

From the start, you’ll be greeted by very professional staff. The boarding process takes about 20 minutes.
Once you’ve boarded, there is an iPad keyed in with your details at the entrance of your room. Each time you’re at the door, it calls out your name and unlocks. Amazing, right? You don’t even have to touch a doorknob to get into your room.

The Princess cruise technology has an app that uses the Ocean Medallion technology when ordering food. The app allows passengers to order food and drinks from anywhere within the ship. Using the app, indicate if you have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods or drinks. Whenever you order something, your attendant can see these details.

The ship is fully staffed, so you won’t have worries about service delays. Wherever you are on the ship, an attendant will be nearby and ready to assist you with anything you may need. There are cleaners ensuring proper hygiene is well maintained, and you’re comfortable.

Most importantly, we all know how crucial communication is with our loved ones. The ship has stable WIFI. Well, it’s evident during our talk with Wanda since we could see her clearly for a video call with no issues. Besides that, during her trip she was able to update her Facebook pages from the ship without a problem.

stunning princess cruises
Stunning Princess Cruises

Do you Stop at Different Ports?

Yes, while sailing with Princess Cruises, you can get off the ship in different ports. However, you need to observe the protocols set by these ports (they’re usually in different countries). You don’t need to worry about another onboarding process when getting back to the ship. The ship has a face recognition app that eliminates the tedious paperwork, which is another nice touch they’ve recently added to the cruising experience. Besides the added convenience, they’re improving the details, from start to finish, with contactless features to their guests’ travels.


Do you want to tick cruising off your bucket list? Get in touch with Wanda or any of us here at Travel Time –TPI. We’ll help you experience an adventure of a lifetime. We also allow group bookings which attract great discounts. In many cases, cruise bookings are fully flexible if for any reason you change your mind about your travel plans or dates. Let’s talk!

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