Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

AZUL Sensatori sky weddingDestination Weddings can be glamorous and fantastic, but they are not for everyone. They are a growing trend, due in large part to the costs of a formal wedding, and the reality that many couples want to spend less time planning the event and more time enjoying it.  The benefits are plentiful: you get a more intimate setting with just a few witnesses rather than a large guest list, a smaller crowd generally means it will cost less even if you choose to have all the options available including a private reception; they are meant to be more casual and laid back than a wedding at home; and you get to experience a wonderful ‘toes in the sand’ holiday at the same time.

More Intimate

It is important to remember that some guests will not be able to afford to attend your Destination Wedding, and others will not be able to take the time off, and a majority of those ‘must-invite’ relatives or co-workers will graciously excuse themselves from the invitation.  Friends and family are often more understanding of intimate weddings that are located away from home, and you’re less likely to be pressured to invite that second cousin who you haven’t spoken to eight years. With fewer people, this means you can spend more time with the ones that do make the trip.  Since guests often view Destination Weddings as vacation opportunities, their rationale for accepting the invitation to attend is not always all about you, but it will allow the busy bride and groom to see their loved ones more than just the day of the ceremony.

Lower Cost

Even though you have to pay for transportation, resort accommodation and wedding options, chances are your Destination Wedding will still cost much less than the average couple spends on their nuptials. With fewer guests couples are able to spend much less on food and reception locations, while receiving equal or better quality.

A Relaxed Attitude

While lots of details and options will be open and available to you, it is best if you can ‘go with the flow’ rather than try to control every little detail for a Destination Wedding. You will be, after all, on ‘island time’ both for the planning with the resort coordinator and in destination! If this is the wedding you have always dreamed of, make the memories last forever in some of the most romantic places on earth in photos with the sunset as a backdrop while you say ‘I DO’ to the partner of your dreams!

Start Planning Today!

Consult with the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists affiliated with Travel Time – TPI Inc. to see if a Destination Wedding is the right choice for you!

Looking for a beach wedding?

Destination Wedding

Turn your wedding into a weeklong celebration where everyone gets something to say “I do” to. The best part is that your wedding could be FREE!

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