Wanda Smith Sparkes

wanda smith sparkes
Wanda Smith Sparkes joined the travel industry in 2018 to further pursue her passion for travel and to experience more exciting destinations and cultures. She is a part time Travel Advisor while still holding a full time career. Wanda has an extensive working career allowing her to work one on one with clients from many facets of life.
Wanda loves to travel to Las Vegas, she has been there eight times already, she loves the sights, sounds and shows of the Las Vegas Strip. Wanda is a repeat cruiser and enjoys cruising to new destinations. She has also experienced New York, Nashville and Florida and is always curious to see what is currently happening and when she can return.
As a personal Travel Advisor, Wanda believes in working hard for her clients and not her suppliers. She strives to provide unbiased information so her clients can make the best choices regarding their vacation. She believes that each vacation should provide new and exciting experiences that her clients will remember for the rest of their lives.
Whether you’re looking for an annual vacation on a simple budget or ready to plunge into the most luxurious vacation, Wanda looks forward to helping you plan each and every detail.

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