Rosemary Antle-King

rosemary antle king
Rosemary had some great experiences while growing up her family. After planning her first Disney family vacation for her own family in 2008, she discovered that she enjoyed the planning stage just as much as the vacation itself.
Since that first visit she has travelled to Orlando Florida nine times and has experienced all levels of Disney resorts as well as staying off site in a rental home and a condo. They have visited all Disney parks and Universal Parks several times as well as all the other tourist attractions in the Orlando area.
In 2015 Rosemary took her first Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream to the Bahamas. It was a great experience, and a second Disney Cruise is planned already. Other trips have taken her to New York City, Whistler BC, New Brunswick and Ontario.
In 2010 Rosemary also started helping friends and family members plan their own Disney Vacations by giving them Disney park tips and resort recommendations as well as helping them pick the best flights. She quickly realized there was also great joy in helping others experience the Disney Magic as just as her family did.
After travelling with her family at least once a year they find in hindsight it is some of the happiest and most memorable times as a family. This makes Rosemary believe in giving her children the experience of viewing the world and as a result they have several new destinations on their Travel Bucket List.

Rosemary focuses on Disney Vacations and helping other families experience the joy in travel just like she does with her family.

With the knowledge she has gained through her own travel experiences at Disney, this will provide great value to offer to her clients.

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