Bethany Wiebe

bethany wiebe

Bethany is a passionate new travel consultant who embarked on her journey in January 2024. She currently works in Education and is pursuing a doctoral degree in curriculum and teaching. Through family vacations, her fascination with travel began at a young age. As a teenager and young adult, she ventured to diverse destinations, including the historic streets of London, the wild landscapes of Uganda, Africa, and an immersive tour throughout Italy.

Driven by a desire to explore various types of travel, she is interested in all types of adventures, yet family-focused travel resonates most with her. As a mother to a toddler and twins, she understands the intricacies and joys of traveling with little ones, seeking to craft memorable experiences for families.

Beyond her role in Education and when not curating dream vacations, Bethany enjoys spending time with her family, curling up with a good book and developing her creativity through hobbies like utilizing her Cricut.

Combining her love for adventure and dedication to her craft, Bethany is here to make your travel dreams come true! She’s all about infusing every journey with warmth, joy, and unforgettable memories.

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